Filmmaking Workshops and Programs

In the position of an apprentice (extern) in the Film Connection Cinematography program, you will collaborate with a director of photography – or the cinematograph. You will be taught more than the basics of this job, but you’ll also expand your knowledge regarding top strategies that are the result of years of experience. To that end, you’ll learn to work with gear under the guidance of a mentor. Hands on experience can really make the world of a difference.

The Recording Connection has helped numerous students to launch a career in the competitive music industry. For those of you who want to pursue a career in composing music for film, TV or even video games, this program could offer you the guidance you need for succeeding. In a movie, music is of utmost importance, directly impacting the way in which the action flows. You’ll be working with top professionals that will shape your knowledge and understanding of the field.

This one-week workshop is meant to address the individual needs of filmmaking students. The program starts with intensive study in writing, camera and directing. Afterward, students ought to shoot individual exercises, which aims at developing their skills. By the end of the week, you’ll also learn about editing, ending with a final screening.

Even if the workshop lasts one week, as a student, you’ll write, produce and direct your film on digital video. This course is a unique opportunity to determine whether filmmaking is for them or not.

This is an intensive course targeted specifically for producers, scriptwriters, and directors. Experts in the field will guide students, covering the most complex aspects associated with filmmaking, and what it actually entails. This aims at providing students with practical resources to get a head’s start in this field.

This is a lengthier course, which focuses on the way in which you can create social impact through film. Without a doubt, film is a powerful means of expression – documentaries, in particular, have the role of shaping a society. Therefore, the initial goal of this course is to equip graduates with the skills and knowledge for accomplishing great things in the realm of documentary filmmaking.

This course is an excellent means through which you can learn more about filmmaking at what it entails. It gives you the opportunity of producing a variety of short films and animations, thus, expanding your knowledge.