Wyzant gives students and tutors a lot of leeway to negotiate their own relationships, both in the classroom and in terms of rates. Tutors set their own fees (the average is between about $35 and $65 per hour, although there are plenty of tutors above and below that range), and the platform offers a one-hour guarantee: the first hour lesson with a new tutor is guaranteed to be a success, or it’s free. It’s a great way to dip your toes in or get extra help honing your craft.

Online Writing Tutoring review by Ryan

Tutoring writing skills

. am happily employed at Carleton College in Northfield as an evening supervisor in the library I love it! My plan is to eventually go on to get my Ph.D. in Sociology. Helping others learn brings me great joy, and Ive had the privilege of teaching people from a variety of ages and backgrounds. I was a supplemental instructor for the Statistical Analysis course at Augsburg College and also served as a tutor through the Academic.

. truly enjoy discussing syntax, content, and structure, not only because I may impart my own knowledge and experience, but because I may learn from the incredible diversity and uniqueness with which people approach language. I believe tutoring is mutual, and I am excited to work with as many different students as possible. I enjoy novel writing, playing guitar and piano, programming, playing RPGs (I’m a big Final Fantasy fan), and meeting new people. Teachers should be.

Education & Certification

. at the University of Colorado Boulder. My research involvement has given me direct experience with many chemical concepts taught in class settings and has given me a deep appreciation of and excitement for the sciences. Through tutoring, I hope to share these insights and excitement for the subject while deepening conceptual understandings. The greatest metric of success in a tutoring session is being told that I was able to break down explanations from the student’s.

. are my two passions! I’m also a translator, linguistics nerd, avid reader, and fabulous teacher. I went to NYU and studied Linguistics, and am continuing my studies for an Applied Linguistics Masters here in California. I have been teaching and tutoring for many years, since I started college. I’ve done private SAT Prep tutoring both here and in New York, as well as prep for other standardized tests such as the ISEE, SSAT, and HSPT.

The 7 Best Online Writing Tutoring Services of 2022

Best Overall : Chegg


Chegg covers pretty much any subject you might need writing help in, which is a comfort for any student seeking help. The site has thousands of writing experts, all with their own individual expertise and specialties. Whether students need help with literary analysis, lab reports, or a history research paper, someone can assist.

Chegg’s system allows learners to submit a paper they need help with and have it checked by a suitable expert who can provide feedback within 48 hours, whether for a specific question or a general scan of your paper and writing style.

Best for High School Students : Tutor.com


High school students will benefit from the help of expert tutors that can cater to individuals’ one-on-one needs and specific learning goals. The tutors are available 24/7 for those late-night cramming sessions.

Whether they’re looking for help on a book report, a research paper, an admissions essay, or something else, these tutors are available 24/7 to polish students’ writing skills. Even better: Tutor.com’s instructors are categorized by topic, so they can specifically search for tutors with expertise in whatever subject help is needed.

Rather than negotiating rates with individual tutors, Tutor.com offers several different pricing plans, including monthly subscriptions with a set number of hours per month or a more flexible plan allowing access anytime.

Monthly packages range from about $40 for one hour to roughly $340 for 10 hours per month, while six-month flex plans run from approximately $350 for 10 hours ($35 per hour) to around 800,450 for 50 hours ($29 per hour).

Best for Transparent Pricing : Skooli


Since Skooli offers tutoring in plenty of different subjects, you’re likely to be able to find writing tutors who can help tailor your essays to the specific needs of your subject. Writing a history research paper is very different from writing a literary analysis, and you can browse Skooli’s wide range of tutors to find one with the background and expertise to help with your specific project.

Although you can use Skooli as a long-term tutoring option—either with one specific instructor or different ones each time students log on—it’s also designed for in-the-moment queries. The pricing structure reflects that: Skooli charges around 800 per minute rather than monthly or even hourly rates, so all time is accounted for while learning.

Best National : Kaplan


You know Kaplan’s name, and its test prep is top of the line. For students looking for private or group tutoring to prepare for a standardized test or entrance exam, Kaplan’s tutoring program is one of the most comprehensive.

Students can sign up for small group remote classes with experienced teachers or enroll in private, one-on-one tutoring. Its tutoring sessions are highly structured, including multiple full-length practice tests and in-depth explanations for scores. It’s as close as it gets to taking the test before you actually take it.

While a good portion of the tutoring will focus on the multiple-choice sections of these tests, Kaplan tutors will also work with students to improve their writing skills and help them learn what the test review boards are looking for in each individual exam. The platform is for serious, long-term tutoring with highly experienced tutors and exclusive materials, not one-time sessions, and the prices reflect that.

Prices vary depending on which test you’re preparing for. If you’re prepping for the ACT, you can enroll in an online class with top ACT teachers for $549. If you want one-on-one tutoring, options start at $749. If you’re prepping for the LSAT, they offer a live online course for 800,200 and one-on-one tutoring plus a live online course starting at 5000,399.

Best for Test Prep : TutorMe


How We Chose the Best Online Writing Tutoring Services

Online writing tutoring doesn’t have to be overwhelming, and we’ve tried to make selecting an instructor as easy as possible. Because “writing” is such a broad skill applied to so many different settings, we’ve sorted out some of the categories that we think will be the most useful to the largest number of students. The platforms here range from specialized expertise in niches like business writing (Business Writing Center) and test prep (TutorMe) to more general essay-writing assistance (Chegg).

Students seeking a writing tutor may want a long-term preparatory course or help figuring out an individual essay. With this in mind, we’ve included a wide range of specialties and, more importantly, price points, from pay-per-minute instant feedback to formal, highly researched, long-term prep classes that cost significantly more over the course of several months.

Ready for Paragraph Writing?

Imagine the great feeling when a student recognizes the power sentences have as the building blocks of paragraphs! A capable online writing tutor can lift homeschoolers and other students to this point, moving from a simple understanding of the structure of paragraphs all the way to using them to create a complex and nuanced argument in an essay. Beginning with tutorials in the objectives of Elementary School Paragraph Writing, students get the full overview of paragraphs from topic sentences through closing sentences.

Once students understand these writing basics, the sky is the limit! Their online writing tutor helps them become more adept at making a point and getting it across. From Middle School Writing Paragraphs to High School and College Prep Paragraphs, an online writing tutor shows students how to create writing paragraphs that are interesting as well as informative. With the support of an online writing tutor, students come to know how to make people want to read what they write.

Next Up: Essay Writing

Fact versus opinion: do students know the difference? Teaching that difference is one of the crucial tasks of an online writing tutor focused on longer-form styles of writing such as essays. Starting with Elementary School Essay Writing, students learn how to construct an argument with adverbs and verb tenses, character and plot, and how to put all of these details together. An online writing teacher makes sure students learn these concepts systematically, reducing confusion or frustration along the way. To make essay writing even more engaging for students who need an extra challenge, a creative way to introduce elementary level students to Narrative Writing and Informative Writing is by adding the incentive of the wild animal kingdom!

By the time students complete Middle School Essay Writing, their online tutoring in writing has taught them how they can research sources for interesting information to use in their essays as well as how to back up their conclusions. At the Middle School Advanced Essay stage, the students’ online writing tutor shows them how to use the “five W’s” (and the “H”), as well as how to use scripts and dialogue, as they learn to persuade with their words.

At the High School & College Prep Essay Writing level, students’ work reaches a pinnacle as their online writing tutor teaches them polish and finishing. Soon, it becomes almost effortless for them to take their writing ideas and build from an opening statement toward a conclusion. Other important steps in the writing process with which an online writing tutor helps students include editing, revising, proofreading, and finally publishing their work. All these steps are critical to college writing success and will also serve a student well in any future career they pursue.

Connect with a writing tutor today

The process of your own tutoring will depend on the field and concern of your course, as well as your tutor’s own teaching process. The role of the tutor is to provide writing tips and critiques after reading their student’s work. They’ll provide you with useful tips like the most effective ways to structure your writing, how to create an essay outline, writing do’s and don’ts, how to self edit using an editing checklist, productive writing habits, how to write consistently, etc.

Apart from working on your overall writing skill through appropriate writing exercises, a tutor will structure your personalized sessions according to your own unique challenges. Working with an online tutor allows you to write in your own workspace, which can prove beneficial since one’s working environment contributes a lot to the writing process.

When you write in a space and setting you’re most comfortable and familiar with, you can write like you normally would. A tutor can, therefore, have the most accurate assessment of your work and process. An experienced writing tutor will be aware of all the common writing mistakes and struggles for writers and will be able to provide directions accordingly.

A writing coach can sometimes double as an ESL tutor for someone with good basic comprehension skills. A writing tutor will foster your writing and basic language skills by providing effective grammar lessons just like an English tutor. However, make sure you choose a tutor who specializes in writing courses for ESL students if you require this type of guidance.

Is Writing Tutoring Worth It?

You may have every desire to work on your writing skills but that can be a Herculean task without first understanding the correct process. You’ll also need to learn the most effective ways to practice writing, the correct grammatical and syntactical constructions, the correct sentence structure for different types of writing etc.

Having someone to guide you in the right direction can speed up the learning process and double the impact of your efforts. With the help of a tutor, you can learn how to write more effectively by identifying the issues with your writing and getting equipped to combat those errors. Since every individual has their own personal challenges, personalized help is your best bet towards improvement.

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