What makes a movie great? Is it the convincing portrayal of its cast members? The high-definition sound and movie effects? The suspenseful story arc?


Believe it or not, what makes a great movie is mostly dependent on the director. The director’s skills, imagination, and ingenuity are what mainly drives a movie into greatness or failure, as he/she is primarily responsible for many aspects of the film.


Having intricate knowledge about filmmaking doesn’t automatically make a director good. He or she must also possess the ability to visualize ideas and make them into reality.


A good director also has the uncanny skill of guiding the cast on the exact portrayal the movie demands, as well as having the leadership skills to manage the technical crew to fulfill a movie’s vision. It’s a hard task, and not everyone is up for the job.


Leaning on that, here are some of the best directors the world has ever seen:


  1. Stephen Spielberg


Spielberg is number one on the list and for a good reason. He is one of the most influential directors of the 21st century, has a whopping 3.7 billion dollar net worth, and has a career that spanned over four decades of nothing but high-quality films.


He has made movies in different genres; but he’s mostly known to direct war, science fiction, and adventure films. One of his greatest hits was Schindler’s List, a 1993 Oscar-winning film about the Holocaust. After the movie’s success, Spielberg donated the proceeds of the movie to Holocaust survivors and memorial efforts.


  1. John Ford


All movie buffs have probably heard the name of John Ford. He is commonly known as The Great American Director, and he is known for directing turn-of-the-century classic Western movies and film adaptations of 20th-century novels. The Grapes of Wrath is one example.


Ford was born in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, on February 1, 1894. He pursued his film career for over 50 years, directing over 140 movies in his time. These included Stagecoach, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, and The Searchers.



  1. Alfred Hitchcock


A household name in the movie industry, Alfred Hitchcock was one of the most significant influences in modern-day filmmaking. He is most renowned for his work in the suspense and horror genre, but his work in drama movies is also one of the very best.


Some of his famous movies include North by Northwest, Rebecca, Psycho, Rear Window, and Vertigo. He also pioneered directing skills which are still used to this day such as the “MacGuffin,” an object within the film that drives the narrative forward. One example is the Ark of the Covenant in Raiders of the Lost Ark.


In his lifetime, he received eight Laurel Awards, five lifetime achievement awards, and two Golden Globes. He died on April 29, 1980.


  1. Martin Scorsese


You’ve probably heard of the highly acclaimed movie The Wolf of Wall Street and the intense portrayal of its main character by Leonardo di Caprio. The movie was a worldwide success, mostly because of the brilliant ideas of its director, Martin Scorsese.


Scorsese is now one of the most sought-after directors in the movie industry, and he specializes in suspense, drama, and crime genres. Some of his famous movies include The Departed, Mean Streets, and Raging Bulls.


Most of his work is an interpretation of his view of the nature of violence in the world, and because of it, he has won many distinguished awards such as three BAFTA Awards, an Oscar, and three Golden Globes.


  1. Charles Chaplin


Chaplin was mostly known as one of the most famous faces in silent movies, but he also did fantastic work as a writer and film director in his time. Students or academic writers writing about the highly famed actor should take note of this fact.


Some of his most distinguished films include Modern Times, The Great Dictator, A Countess of Hong Kong, A Woman of Paris, The Kid, and The Circus. The theme of his work mostly revolves around fighting humanity’s injustice through filmmaking, which set the stage for future films of the same genre.


Chaplin was born in England on April 16, 1889. He died from a stroke in Switzerland on Dec. 25, 1977.




  1. Tim Burton


Aside from being one of the most successful directors in the modern film industry, Tim Burton is also a producer, writer, artist, and of course, an animator. His eccentric style of filmmaking is what made him shine under the spotlight; and his work mostly revolves around the genres of horror, animation, and fantasy.


According to the people who have worked with him, Burton weaves his ideas with his  personality whenever he directs a film. It is evident in some of his famous works, such as

The Nightmare Before Christmas, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Planet of the Apes, Alice in Wonderland, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


  1. Orson Welles


Citizen Kane, one of the greatest films of all time, wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the brilliant mind of Orson Welles. If you are looking for someone to write my essay  about the subject, then be warned: you will get hooked. Especially if it turns into one of the best essays.


One of the most famous comments made about the film was said by influential film critic Kenneth Tynan. He said, “Nobody who saw Citizen Kane at an impressionable age will ever forget the experience; overnight, the American cinema had acquired an adult vocabulary, a dictionary instead of a phrase book for illiterates.”


Welles was also known for pioneering some of the sound techniques used today in the modern film through his experience working with radio. He was the first to make use of distortion, fade, and other methods that create a three-dimensional aural experience.


He also started the trend of independent films.




These are only just a handful of the most influential film directors of all time. They are responsible for some of the most famous and greatest movies ever made, and they deserve all the respect they can get.




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